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The Erasmus+ programme

We are an Erasmus university. All information on the Erasmus+ programme at the SRH Distance Learning University.

The Erasmus+ programme

Gain experience abroad

The Erasmus+ programme gives our students the opportunity to study in another country and enhance their social and cultural skills, improving their career prospects in the process. 


Study abroad & placement semesters

For years, we have been committed to maintaining international contacts and fostering academic exchange with other universities. We cooperate with our partner universities in other European and non-European countries in a variety of ways. In addition, we enable our students to study abroad and do internships within the Erasmus+ programme. The EU has certified our university under the ERASMUS Charter until 2027, which means we are eligible to participate in ERASMUS programmes.

Erasmus+ internship in Amsterdam

Eva Kugel, a student on the Bachelor’s programme in Business Psychology, completed an Erasmus+ internship with ZF Friedrichshafen AG in Amsterdam. 

My name is Eva Kugel, I am 23 years old, and am studying Business Psychology at SRH Fernhochschule – The Distance Learning University. 

Being keen to find out about corporate cultures abroad, I decided to do an internship in a foreign country. ZF Friedrichshafen AG is an international company that has a small site with 32 employees in Amsterdam. Having already worked for the automotive supplier in Friedrichshafen, and being very fond of the Netherlands, I decided to apply for an internship at the company’s HR department in Amsterdam. After they accepted me, I applied to my university for an Erasmus+ grant, which I was fortunate to receive. Erasmus+ supports students wishing to do an internship or semester abroad in another European country – a great help! 

I live in a student hostel, where I immediately made friends. Many other residents here are students or graduates who are also doing an internship abroad, gaining their first work experience or spending a semester abroad. 

I was given a warm welcome at the company, which soon familiarised me with my tasks. I am now accompanying various HR projects, as well as operational HR activities. Besides drafting a company car policy, my tasks involve staff development, country harmonisation issues, payroll accounting and recruitment campaigns. Since the site and the HR department in Amsterdam are both very small, the range of issues addressed is extremely varied. 

In my free time, I explore Amsterdam, museums, windmills, the countryside, beaches and other places outside the city. Amsterdam is a bike-friendly city that is very appealing when the weather is fine, but it also has its charms when it rains. The countless restaurants, bars and beautiful parks in the heart of Amsterdam are perfect places to unwind after work or at the weekend. 

I have very much enjoyed my time in Amsterdam so far, and look forward to the remaining time I have here. 

Erasmus+ internship in Kraków

Wiebke Timm, a student on the Bachelor’s programme in Business and Management, completed an Erasmus+ internship at UPM in Kraków. 

I am Wiebke Timm, 23 years of age, a student on the distance learning Bachelor’s degree in “Business and Management” at SRH Fernhochschule – The Distance Learning University. Having chosen the specialisation in International Management, I consider it important to gain experience abroad. Which is why I decided to do an internship with an international company abroad. 

After a few weeks of research, I became aware of the Finnish company UPM. This company specialises in the production of wood and pulp products, with a strong focus on sustainability and environmental protection. The company operates a large HR Service Centre in Kraków, Poland. Given my particular interest in human resources and project management and my desire to work in an international environment, it was immediately clear to me that I should apply to UPM for an internship. 

When I got my acceptance letter after two interviews, I started planning straight away. Having already heard a lot about Erasmus+, I enquired with SRH Fernhochschule – The Distance Learning University about this funding option. The Erasmus+ programme provides opportunities for students to train or study abroad, within Europe. The aim is to provide students with financial support to help them learn the language and cope with everyday life in a foreign country. 

I have now completed the first few weeks of my internship in Kraków, and am able to review my first impressions. Since my internship company provided me with a room in a shared flat for my entire internship, I had an easy start and did not have to worry about accommodation. What is more, I had a flatmate from Estonia to share activities with from day one. 

My first few days at work involved a lot of administrative tasks. But I also received initial training in the use of computer programmes and my daily duties. This gave me an immediate overview of the tasks that I would encounter during my internship. 

The HR Service Centre is divided into different country teams, the largest being Finland and Germany. Each team is further subdivided into different areas of responsibility. I am responsible for the German training team, which involves organising a variety of training courses and seminars for our company sites in Germany. 

So far, I have been really pleased with my internship at UPM. Everyone immediately gave me a warm welcome, and there is always someone on hand to answer any questions I may have. What is more, Kraków is a beautiful city. The historic buildings in the Old Town, featuring narrow streets and lots of small bars and restaurants, make you feel like you’ve stepped back in time. 

At the weekend, I spend a lot of time in the surrounding countryside. After all, with temperatures of 23°C and sunshine in October, it is definitely worth making the most of the last rays of sun before winter sets in. But the city also offers plenty of evening entertainment, with everything from cabaret to concerts. Kraków is well known for its many jazz bars with live music, which is something I particularly love, being a saxophonist.

Our Erasmus scholarships

The Erasmus+ programme gives our students the opportunity to study in another country and enhance their social and cultural skills, improving their career prospects in the process. Besides getting to know universities abroad, they also benefit from new teaching and learning methods. After completing their first year of study in their home country, students can receive funding to study at a host university abroad for between three and twelve months. 

Erasmus+ funds placements in a host institution in another European country (EU institutions, institutions that manage EU programmes, and embassies of our students’ countries of origin are excluded). For more information, please refer to the DAAD website. 

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Gain experience abroad through The SRH Distance Learning University

We cooperate closely with universities in other European and non-European countries. As an Erasmus+ university, we enable you to spend a semester abroad at one of our international partner universities or to do an internship in another European country. 

Are you interested in studying or doing an internship abroad? Our students report on their experiences. Why not read their exciting reports? If you have any questions concerning your semester abroad or ERASMUS+, our International Office is always there to advise you.

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