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Let’s get started: the best way to register with us is to use our online application portal, where all your data will be transmitted confidentially and in encrypted form. Apply online to ensure a prompt and secure submission of your application.

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If you prefer not to use our online application portal, simply download the enrolment form from our website whenever it suits you, complete it online, and email it – as a PDF file, together with your documents in the usual formats (JPG, PDF, PNG) – to Incidentally, it is up to you to decide exactly when you want to embark on your studies – we offer different starting dates for our programmes.

Start of Studies

100% Flexibility: You Can Begin All Programs on the First of the Month

When do you want to start your studies? With us, you decide when it begins. You have the flexibility to start at the beginning of any month. You also have control over the duration and intensity of your studies. Customize it to suit your needs perfectly - from the pace to the content to the exams.

Before Starting Your Studies

Start of Studies

Regardless of which program you choose, you can begin your studies on the first day of any month.

Student Services

For all organizational questions, please contact our student advisory service. Your personal advisor will accompany and support you throughout your studies and will be available to assist you during your decision-making process.

28 Days Free Trial

We invite you to put our distance learning program to the test with our 28-day no-obligation trial. During this period, you can take advantage of all the program's benefits and resources.

Recognition of Prior Learning

By having your previous education and training recognized, you can shorten your study duration and save on tuition fees. Learn more about the possibilities of having your prior learning recognized.


Examination Formats

Your studies offer a variety of examination formats, such as "Exam at Home" with assignments to submit, online tests, or case studies. For certain modules, you will complete a "Live Exam" involving presentations, role plays, or written exams.

Your application and admission process at SRH Distance Learning University

We are happy to welcome you to our university! To make the application process easier for you, we have described the main steps for you below. If you have any questions, feel free to contact our study advisors. Our student service is here to help you at all times. 

  1. You submit your online application via our application portal. For this purpose, you create a personal, non-binding account and apply for your study programme. 
  2. You receive your study contract via e-mail. 
  3. You sign the study contract and send it back to us via e-mail together with your application documents. 
  4. We will review your application. 
  5. If you apply for a Master's degree with 60 (1 year) or 90 ECTS (1.5 years), you may be required to take and pass an aptitude test, depending on your prior degree. We will inform you in case this is necessary. 
  6. If you fulfil the admission requirements, you will receive a confirmation e-mail and useful information you need to start your studies. 
  7. One working day before your study start, you receive the log-in data for our E-campus. 
  8. Now it’s time to start studying. We wish you success, and we are delighted to have you with us! 


Declaration of sponsorship

The declaration of sponsorship form is used if your employer wishes to pay the fees for your course of study directly to the SRH Fernhochschule.


Frequently Asked Questions

We recommend that you apply at least two weeks prior to the study intake with your complete application documents. 

Please note that no proof of German language skills is required for our English-taught study programmes. 

The English proficiency needs to be at least at CEFR level B1. The English language proficiency can be proven as follows: 

  • Language proficiency test of Level B1 of the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR) or similar evidence, such as: 
    • TOEFL or TOEFL Special Home Edition: B1, 43-71 points 
    • IELTS: B1, grade 4.0 - 5.0 
    • TOEIC: B1, 275-395 points (listening), 275-380 (reading) 
    • Duolingo: B1, 65-75 points 
  • At least 6 months of residence in an English-speaking country 
  • Secondary school certificates proving the foreign language for at least 5 years until graduation entitling to university admission, whereby the final grade or, if applicable, the average grade of the last two years must correspond at least to the German grade 4 (sufficient) or 5 points 
  • Completed course achievements with English-language modules amounting to at least 5 credit points (ECTS) 
  • English as a company language by certification of the employer
  • Admission interview at SRH Distance Learning University

All of the above is subject to a case-by-case review by the study programme management. 

If you are from a non-German speaking country or German is not your native language, we ask you to submit one of the following language proficiency tests with your online application: 

  • DSH-Prüfung: at least DSH-1 
  • TestDaF: TDN3 (at least 3 points in each of the subtests) 
  • Goethe-Zertifikat: B2 – GDS Sprachdiplom 
  • DSD: Sprachdiplom by the Kultusministerkonferenz 
  • Assessment test of a Studienkolleg, examination part Deutsch 
  • telc: B2 
  • Higher education entrance qualification (Allgemeine Hochschulreife or Fachhochschulreife) or equivalent foreign degree 
  • Curriculum vitae 
  • Photo (for the student ID card) 
  • Further requirements for some programmes can be found on the respective study programme pages 
  • If the language of instruction is not your native language, i.e. English or German, you also need to provide a language certificate (see above) 
  • Bachelor's degree incl. transcript 
  • Higher education entrance qualification (Allgemeine Hochschulreife or Fachhochschulreife) or equivalent foreign degree 
  • Curriculum vitae 
  • Photo (for the student ID card) 
  • Basic knowledge of the subject of the study programme 
  • Relevant work experience 
  • 60 or 90 ECTS variants: Depending on your degree, you may be required to take and pass an aptitude test 
  • If the language of instruction is not your native language, i.e. English or German, you also need to provide a language certificate (see above). 

60, 90 or 120 ECTS – which Master's programme is perfect for you? You decide on the length and depth of your Master's degree with us. 

You can prove your basic knowledge of the subject either through appropriate knowledge from your first degree or through a subject-related proximity to the chosen degree programme in your previous professional activity. You can find more information on the specific basic knowledge in the section on your chosen degree programme. 

It consists of a motivational interview, a written paper (max. 15 pages) and a presentation/discussion (approx. 30 minutes) of the results of your written paper. In this way, you can show us that you are able to work independently on topics specific to the degree programme using scientific methods and that you can present the results in a structured and comprehensible manner. 

In a motivational interview, you will meet your future course director. You will talk with him or her about your personal motivation for your chosen degree programme. This also includes topics such as your professional activities, experiences, and goals. 

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