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  • How to apply

    Online Application Portal FAQS Frequently Asked Questions Is there an application deadline? We recommend that you apply at least two weeks prior to the study intake with your complete application documents [...] Application & Admission You are unique. And so are your studies at the SRH Distance Learning University. Apply for Distance Learning Your Path to Distance Learning Online Application Portal Let’s get started: [...] use our online application portal, where all your data will be transmitted confidentially and in encrypted form. Apply online to ensure a prompt and secure submission of your application. Login Download

  • FAQs

    to send your application for one of our distance learning programmes to our online application portal . If you prefer not to use our online application portal, simply download the application for enrolment [...] together with your documents in the usual formats (JPG, PDF, PNG) – to Your online application When can I begin my distance learning programme? All Bachelor's and Master's degree programmes [...] studies at any time without any problems. Please allow 2 weeks for processing and submit your application for enrolment in good time. How your distance learning course works What is meant by an "aptitude

  • MBA

    providing the managerial skills required in business operations. The Master's course is focused on application and is highly relevant to real-life business practice, designed to communicate the specialist expertise

  • JobSeeker Visa

    to Germany. Please note that the visa process can take a long time, so make sure you start the application process as soon as possible before applying for jobs in Germany. Find more information on the official [...] During your job search in Germany, you may work on trial for up to ten hours per week as part of an application process. What is a blocked bank account? If you are an international student coming from a non-EU