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Prof. Dr. Jürgen Faust

Professor for Design

Phone: +49 7371 9315-0
About me

About me

Academic career

PhD at University of Plymouth, England; "Discursive Designing Theory - Towards a Theory of Designing Design"

Postgrad. Studies, Fine Arts, Academy Nürtingen

Reutlingen University, Dipl. Ing. Chemistry

Professional career

Professor for Design and Management at SRH Fernhochschule - The Distance Learning University, Riedlingen

Professor for Design and Design Theory, University Macromedia

Chairman University Macromedia

International Strategic Advisor IED Group Milan

Professor at Tecnologico de Monterrey, Mexico

Chair of T.I.M.E., Cleveland Institute of Art, Dean Integrated 


I have contributed to these publications

  • Siebel, C., Faust, J., Merdes, C. (2012). Service Design meets Event Management. Touchpoint, SDN magazine, 4(2), 12-20.
  • Faust, J. (2011). Using Service Design Education to Design University Services. Touchpoint, SDN magazine, 1(2), 40-44.
  • Faust, J. (2010). Designing design and designing media. Technoetic Arts: A Journal of Speculative Research, 8(1), 109–114. doi:10.1386/tear.8.1.109/1
  • Faust, J. (2010). Positive design. Journal of the American Society for Information Science and Technology, 60(9), 1887-1894.
  • Faust, J., Junginger, S. (eds.) (2016). Designing Business and Management, Bloomsbury Academic
  • Faust, J. (ed.) (2012). Design Business Reader. Milan: IED publication, Lupetti.
  • Faust, J., Auricchio, V. (eds.) (2011). Design for Social Business Reader. Milan: IED publication, Lupetti.
  • Faust, J., Collopy, F. (2011). Dialogues in the realm of Managing as Designing. Cleveland: CASE University.
  • Faust, J. (1996). From The Object To The Process - Culturdesign (Essay). Metzingen: Kunstseminar Freie Hochschule.
  • Faust, J., Marburg, F. (eds.) (1994). On the Universality of Creativity. Muenster/Hamburg: Lit-Verlag.
  • Faust, J. (2007). Designing Information and Organizations with a Positive Lens. In: M. Avital, R. J. Boland, D. L. Cooperrider (eds.), Advances in Appreciative Inquiry (Vol. 2). Bingely: JAI Press.
  • Faust, J. (2003). Purposes in lieu of goals; enterprises in lieu of things. In: R. Boland, F. Collopy (eds.), Managing as Designing. Stanford: Stanford Press.

Research Profile

My research interest focuses on knowledge generation in design, especially at the interface with management, and in particular on epistemology in decision-making processes. The distinctions between 'management-led processes' and 'design-led processes' are of fundamental importance. With my research, I would like to contribute to understanding the frameworks and foundations that lead to design-led decision-making.


  • Reviewer She Ji: The Journal of Design, Economics, and Innovation
  • Member of SDN (Service Design Network) Germany
  • Member of Design Reserach Society
  • Neosa award North East Ohio