Tuition fees

You pursue your chosen path. We give you the freedom you need to do so – also when it comes to funding your studies.

Tuition fees We give you the freedom of choice.

With us, you are free to determine the payment period for your tuition fees – no matter how long you take to complete the programme, while receiving the best possible support for the entire duration of your studies. The advantage for you is that you are not required to set the duration of your programme before you start studying. We guarantee that we will support you for up to twice the length of the standard duration of studies – without charging you any additional fees. You are free to decide which model suits you best.

Financing Tuition fees for your Bachelor's degree

These are your tuition fees

— Flex 1: 36 monthly instalments à 388 €, totalling 13,968 €

— Flex 2: 50 monthly instalments à 299 €, totalling 14,950 €*

— Flex 3: 72 monthly instalments à 199 €, totalling 15,318 €*

*The options Flex 2 and Flex 3 can only be booked for students residing in the EU and in Switzerland, Norway, Liechtenstein and the United Kingdom. Flex 3: plus final installment of 990 €.

PAYMENT METHOD International payments with Flywire

Flywire is a convenient, fast, simple and cost-effective service for international students to pay for their tuition fees. Read more about the international service here.

financing Tuition fees for your Master's degree

These are your tuition fees:

— 60 ECTS credits | € 749 per month | € 8,988 total

— 90 ECTS credits | € 649 per month | € 11,682 total

— 120 ECTS credits | € 549 per month | € 13,176 total

OUR FLAT RATE FOR PRINTED MATERIALS You want your study materials in printed form?

Would you like to receive your study materials printed and bound in addition to the digital version? Then our flat rate for printed materials is the ideal option for you. The flat rate fee for Master’s programmes with 120, 90 and 60 ECTS is € 375, € 325 and € 275, respectively (This option can only be booked for students residing in the EU and in Switzerland, Norway, Liechtenstein and the United Kingdom).

Our offer What your tuition fees cover.

Your tuition fees cover everything you need to successfully complete your degree, including, of course, the optional support classes for your degree programme and the supervision of your thesis. What is more, with us, you can rely on your very own personal mentor and the SRH social guarantee. 

Access to the E-Campus

Access to the E-Campus including digital study materials, videos, podcasts, online sessions and excercises.

Tools & libraries

Use of digital tools and online libraries: Office 365, Citavi, EBSCO, SpringerLink, SPSS.

Academic leave of absence

Academic leave of absence for 2 semesters at no cost – you continue to have access to the E-Campus. 

Personal support

Support with organisational issues by your personal student advisor. 

Examinations & thesis

Free live support classes that you can choose to attend, examinations, and supervision of thesis. 

Personal mentor

Personal mentor, allocated to you from the body of professors. 


Optional live and online events, such as seminars and networking events, which you can choose to attend whenever it suits you. (Currently only available in German language)

Student service Do you have any further questions?

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