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Payment with Flywire

You may use Flywire as a convenient service to pay for your tuition fees.

Why use Flywire?

International payments made easy

Flywire is a convenient, fast, simple and cost-effective service for international students to pay for their tuition fees. It is secure and let's you track your payments online in real time. It protects from inflated exchange rates and discloses all costs up front.


How to use the service

  1. Access the payment portal
  2. Enter your home country and payment amount. 
  3. Review the payment options and select your preferred method. 
  4. Enter your personal details and payment information. 
  5. Receive your payment instructions. 
  6. Send the payment via your preferred method. 
  7. Track and confirm the payment. 
SRH Distance Learning University payment portal

Make an international payment using Flywire

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