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Prof. Dr. Marie-Louise Glas

Professorship in Marketing

Phone: +49 7371 9315-0
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About me

About me

Academic Career

Doctorate at the Chair of Industrial Marketing & e-Commerce (PhD), Lulea University of Technology, Sweden, Topic: „From Health to e-Health: Understanding Citizens Acceptance of Online Healthcare”

Master's examination with a specialization in e-Commerce, Lulea University of Technology, Sweden

Study of Business Administration at the Technical University of Augsburg

Professional Career

Professorin für Marketing an der SRH Fernhochschule - The Mobile University, Riedlingen

Chief Marketing Officer / Head of Marketing, Member of the Executive Board at Dr. Grandel GmbH, Augsburg

Project Manager Marketing Projects & Branding (part-time), Dr. Grandel GmbH, Augsburg

Head of Product Marketing, Dr. Grandel GmbH, Augsburg

Consultant and Head of Customer Advisory, Jung & Jung, Pharmaceutical Marketing and Sales Agency


I have contributed to these publications

  • Fulfilling the promise: a model for delivering successful online health care. Jung, Marie-Louise; Berthon, Pierre. Journal of Medial Marketing; 2009, Vol. 9 Nr. 3, pp. 243-254
  • What makes people want to become self-employed?: applying the theory of planned behaviour. Oghazi, Pejvak; Jung, Marie-Louise, Peighmbari, Kave; Tretten, Phillip. Advances in Management; 2009, Vol. 2, Nr. 11, pp. 9-18
  • E-Learning: university students’ acceptance of technology. Jung, Marie-Louise; Loria, Karla; Mostaghel, Rana; Saha, Parmita. European Journal of Open Distance and e-Learning, 2008
  • E-Health in Sweden: citizens’ attitudes and expectations. Jung, Marie-Louise. Collaboration and the Knowledge Economy: Issues, Applications, Case Studies. Cunningham, P. & Cunningham, M. (eds). Amsterdam: IOS Press, 2008, pp. 29-35 (Information and Communication Technologies and the Knowledge Economy; Nr. 5).
  • From health to e-health: understanding citizens’ acceptance of online health care. Jung, Marie-Louise. Lulea. Lulea tekniska universitet. (Doctoral thesis / Lulea University of Technology; No. 2008:68)
  • Electronic supply chain management applications by Swedish SMEs. Beheshti, Hooschang; Hultman, Magnus; Jung, Marie-Louise; Opoku, Robert; Salehi-Sangari, Esmail. Enterprise Information Systems; 2007, Vol. 1 Nr. 2, pp. 255-268
  • Internet usage in supply chain management an its impact on overall efficiency: a Swedish SME perspective. Jung, Marie-Louise; Hultman, Magnus; Opoku, Robert; Salehi-Sangari, Esmail. Proceedings of the annual conference of the Academy of Marketing Science. Miami: Academy of Marketing Science, 2007
  • Justifying Your Price Online: An Investigation of Academic Associations’ Online Communication of Membership Benefits. Hultman, Magnus; Jung, Marie-Louise, Opoku, Robert; Salehi-Sangari, Esmail. Proceedings of the World Marketing Congress of the Academy of Marketing Science. Verona, Italy: Academy of Marketing Science, 2007

Additional Information
  • Part-time teaching activities as a lecturer at the Technical University of Augsburg and at Campus M21 in Munich since 2015 until today.<o:p></o:p>